Friday, May 26, 2017

Brand New Beauty Under $50

Some brand new beauty finds under $50 for skin, body and haircare.

New Beauty Finds Under $50

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day In-Shower Styler ($24; , as the name suggests, is to be applied in the shower, after shampoo & conditioner and lightly rinsed to create a nice air-dried style. Its easy to use and isn’t much of a hassle in the shower. It also is quite lightweight. Its quite an innovative product and does the job well, but my fine and frizzy hair needed a little something extra, like a light serum/oil afterwards especially for those tiny flyways. I’d still use this when I want to air dry since it adds a lot of softness to my hair. It also is silicone free.
Living Proof Perfect Hair Day In-Shower Styler

The Age Prevention Superfood Mask ($44; is a new cream mask from Youth To The People. Its great for all skin types and is gentle, moisturizing and very calming. I use it about a couple of times a week, leave on for 15 mins or so and wash off. It doesn’t dry completely like clay masks, but it does manage to cleanse, mildly exfoliate and leaves skin feeling soft and balanced. Its a good one to use if your skin is feeling particularly dull, dry and in need of a gentle cleanse with a moisture boost.

Youth To The People Age Prevention Superfood Mask
Youth To The People Age Prevention Superfood Mask

beautyblender summer.fling ($49; is a great value that comes with three full size beauty blenders in fabulous summery colors. I like to use these for concealers, thicker foundations and sometimes cream blush - anywhere I only need sheer application. summer.fling is a nice value if you use your beautyblender often and can’t just have one.

beautyblender summer.fling
beautyblender summer.fling
beautyblender summer.fling

Pangea Organics Body Lotions ($26; are a new launch from the brand and they come in three beautiful scents. These are quite thick for body lotions and do take a while to sink in, but they keep skin hydrated really well without any stickiness or greasiness. The scents are very fresh and uplifting, Indian Lemongrass with Rosemary being a great, fresh scent for summer.
Pangea Organics Body Lotions

The Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash In Collaboration with McQueens ($48; and the Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Energizing Hand Wash ($23;; available June 2017) two new launches from REN Skincare. The Moroccan Rose Otto McQueens Edition is a fabulous value that comes packaged beautifully and the body wash itself is a relaxing shower treat. Its foaming, yet non stripping and smells fantastic. The Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium Energizing Hand Wash is a gentle hand wash with a nice earthy scent. A little goes a really long way with this one and it cleanses without leaving my hands feeling dry or screaming for lotion afterwards.

REN Rose Otto Body Wash McQueens, Atlantic Kelp And Magnesium Energising Hand Wash

The 24k Gold & Manuka Honey Body ($39.99; manukadoctor.comand Hand Oil ($29.99; are two luxurious oils from Manuka Doctor. Both these are lightweight oils with a teeny bit of shimmer in them. They are very moisturizing and add a nice sheen without being over the top. While I wouldn’t call them dry oils, they definitely don’t feel sticky or greasy after they sink in. The packaging is really nice too.

Manuka Doctor 24k Gold & Manuka Honey Body and Hand Oil

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