Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Five Great Men's Skin/Bodycare Essentials To Try For Summer

Five fabulous Men’s Skin/Bodycare Essentials, great for summer!

Five Great Men's Skin/Bodycare Essentials For Summer

Rituals Samurai Yuzu Shower ($15; is a shower foam, a very lovely shower concept that Rituals has as part of their body care lineup. It foams up pretty nicely, and cleanses well. My husband loves the scent of this one as well since its pretty light yet fresh. It is quite easy to go through the full size pretty quickly though since its a foam and you don't really know how much you end up using.

Rituals Samurai 2-in-1- Scrub Cleanser ($15; is an exfoliating face scrub that is great for combination-oily skin. Its quite gentle as well and cleanses without stripping skin.

Rituals Samurai Yuzu Shower Gel and 2-in-1 Scrub Cleanser

The Cedar & Jojoba Oil and Blood Orange and Black Pepper Bubble Baths ($15; are two fairy new launches from Kneipp. Kneipp does some amazing body care and these two are perfect for a relaxing bath at the end of a long day. The Blood Orange & Jojoba Oil especially is very invigorating and refreshing. They have essential oils in them and help relax sore muscles without drying skin out too much.

Kneipp Men's Bubble Bath

Cartier L’Envol De Cartier Perfumed Face Oil ($61; is a face and beard oil with the fragrance of Cartier’s L’Envol De Cartier Fragrance. Its a soft woody musky composition that smells pretty fantastic. It is quite fragranced though and a little goes a long way. My husband has this one on rotation and says its quite nice even on oilier skin types since it does’t feel too heavy or greasy!

Cartier L’Envol De Cartier Perfumed Face Oil

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