Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Mustela Bathtime Buddies Collection

Mustela Bathtime Buddies Collection

Mustela is a great, gentle line for babies and adults or anyone with sensitive skin. Their limited edition Bathtime Buddies line has the cutest package and the products come in generous sizes. The Vincent The Elephant Gentle Cleansing Gel ($16.50; is a mild, foaming body wash that cleanses without stripping. There's a very mild scent that does’t linger and its a great hair and body cleansing gel that I use on rotation for my toddler. The Abigail The Whale No Rinse Cleansing Water ($16.50; is a micellar water that is great for a quick cleanse. I’m not the biggest fan of quick cleansing waters, but in a pinch these work to do a good job of cleansing without drying skin out. The Phillip The Sheep Hydra Bebe Body Lotion ($16.50; is a fantastic body lotion, especially for this time of the year. It moisturizes, leaves a soothing scent behind and is not sticky or greasy at all. Overall, just like everything else I’ve tried from Mustela, these are amazing and my toddler loves the fun packaging on these as well. I have also personally used all of these on myself and would absolutely recommend for anyone with sensitive skin and want something with a mild fragrance.

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