Thursday, February 6, 2020

L'Occitane Cleanser Collection

I’ve been testing out a few amazing new face cleansers from L’Occitane. With the exception of the Cleansing Milk, all these are second cleansers and perfect for normal-dry skin and helps balance and clean, perfect as the final step of your skincare cleansing routine. The Cleansing Milk ($24; is a creamy makeup remover and great for anyone with dry skin. It is infused with fig and honey extract and gets most non-waterproof makeup off. I did need something oil based for my eye makeup though and a second cleanser for squeaky clean. The Gel to Foam Cleanser ($24; is a great second cleanser that balances and cleanses without stripping skin. It has a super fresh, clean scent too which I love and will use more in the summer. The Immortelle Divine Mousse to Cream Cleanser ($44; is amazing for anyone with dry skin. I absolutely love it and how creamy and foamy it is, yet super gentle on my skin. My skin never feels stripped after using this. The Cleansing Cream to Foam (($24; is another great creamy cleanser that I’d follow up after a cleansing balm or oil. A little goes a really long way with this one and it smells fantastic. Overall, like everything else from L’occitane, these mild formulations are great for year round use and keep my skin feeling balanced and clean without stripping it of the natural oils.

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