Monday, March 9, 2020

Two Mustela Products I'm Loving Right Now!

Mustela Skin Freshener and Baby Oil Review, PHotos

Mustela is one of my favorite, go-to brands for products that are both gentle and effective on infants, toddlers and adults. I recently tried out a couple of their products meant for normal-dry skin - the Baby Oil and Skin Freshener. The Skin Freshener ($9; is a refreshing mist that can be used on the skin and hair. It has a mild, comforting scent and can also be used as a very lightweight styling product for hair. I love the convenience of this one and how easy it is to use. The mist is very fine and gentle on the skin. The Baby Oil ($12; is a massage oil with a rich texture and mild scent. I have used it on my son as more of an after bath oil and it does a fantastic job on dry skin. There’s no greasy residue, it sinks in really well and feels more like a dry oil with a light texture. I also like to mix this with body lotions for an extra layer of moisture, especially during the winter time. Overall, if you haven’t tried Mustela’s range of products for children, I’d highly recommend it. Most of the products are great to be used on adults as well and very gentle for newborns too.

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