Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Lanostick Minty By Lanolips

Lanostick Minty By Lanolips

Lanostick Minty ($17; ulta.com)
is a new addition to Lanolips’ Lanostick lip balm line. Lanostick Minty is a lightweight, moisturizing lip treatment with a light sheen. It has the right amount of a fresh minty flavour and scent that isn’t overpowering. There's also no tingle from the product which I prefer. I love stick balms, even if it means using more product than a thicker paste. I like to use this before lipstick, to prime my lips and also as a nighttime lip balm. The product is quite soft and can melt a little if left somewhere hot and humid, but it is super easy to just throw into the smallest of purses. Overall, a great lightly hydrating balm, perfect for the summertime for anyone who wants balmy comfort without the heaviness or if you want a lighter version of the original Lanolips 101 Ointment Minty Multi-Balm in a squeeze tube.

Lanostick Minty By Lanolips Review, Photos

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