Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Foot Nanny Olive Oil Moisturizing Power Kit

Foot Nanny Olive Oil Moisturizing Power Kit Review, Photos

Foot Nanny is a brand new to me and their Olive Oil Moisturizing Power Kit ($69; footnanny.com) is a smoothing, moisturizing foot care kit that can be used at home for a quick pedicure session. The kit comes with a Foot Nanny Rescue buffer, a mini foot massager, a pair of cotton socks and Foot Nanny’s Olive Oil infused foot cream. The Dry Butter works as a callus smoother and helps remove dry and dead skin when used on dry feet. It is the first step and helps smoothen nicely without being too harsh on the skin. The Arch-N-Ball massager feels great on tired feet and works especially great after soaking feet in warm water. I would recommend going easy on it though since it can feel a little intense for some. The Olive Oil Infused Whipped Foot Cream has a really nice texture and consistency that can be used with or without the socks since it does absorb pretty quickly. It is fragrance-free and helps seal in moisture as the final step. A little bit goes a really long way with the foot cream and it comes in a generously sized tub as well. Overall, it's a great kit to pamper yourself with an at home pedicure and the foot cream is something that can be used everyday to maintain the heels and feet feeling and looking soft and moisturized.

Foot Nanny Olive Oil Moisturizing Power Kit

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