Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Three Fun Bathtime Treats To Try From Allkinds

Three Fun Bathtime Treats To Try From Allkinds Review, Photos

Allkinds is a brand that is new to me, a fun bath and body care line for kids and teens. The formula is gentle enough for kids and adults. I tried a few products from the line and here’s a quick review of the line! The Moisturizing Whipped Shower Foam (15.99; is a foaming body wash that is soap and sulfate free. It is a gentle and fun way to cleanse and doesn’t dry out skin. The scent is a tad strong, but dissipates quickly after washing. The whipped foam formula is super fun to use and a little bit goes a really long way.

All Kinds Moisturizing Whipped Shower Foam Review, Photos

The Moisturizing Jelly Wash ($14.99; is a wobbly jelly wash that foams up beautifully and has a soft, clean scent to it. My little one loved this so much. Much like the Whipped Shower Foam, this one too will last a while and the texture is a lot of fun to use.

All Kinds Moisturizing Jelly Wash Review, Photos

The Bondi Beach Club Shimmering Body Scrub ($15.99; is another favorite of mine and is limited edition.. It's a shimmering, not too abrasive body scrub that helps soften and cleanse. The formula is made with natural fragrances and has a nice tropical scent to it. The shimmer doesn't stay on the skin and the scrub is quite gentle and easy to wash off. It has a nourishing blend of oils that keeps skin from drying out. When followed up with a moisturizer, it helps keep skin soft and smooth.

All Kinds Bondi Beach Club Shimmering Body Scrub Review, Photos

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