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L'Occitane Artichoke Firming Body Care

L'occitane Artichoke Firming Body Care and Body Gua Sha Review, photos

The Artichoke Firming Body Care range is new from L’Occitane, a firming, moisturizing body care line that helps smoothen and moisturize skin, while improving the appearance of cellulite. The Artichoke Body Scrub ($52; loccitane.com) is a gel based body scrub that feels warm and soft on the skin. The scrub has the perfect amount of grit and isn’t scratchy on the skin. I love how smooth it leaves my skin feeling and how it washes off residue-free without stripping my skin.

L'occitane Artichoke Body Scrub Review, photos

The Artichoke Body Cream ($62; loccitane.com) is a rich body moisturizer that feels similar in texture to my favorite Almond Milk Concentrate. It has a rich, earthy scent and feels amazing on the skin. It helps moisturize and firm the skin without feeling greasy or tacky. Much like all other L’Occitane body creams, this one too is quick absorbing and leaves a nice fragrance behind. I love how well the texture works with the Body Gua Sha ($18; loccitane.com) for a luxurious massage while boosting circulation, which in turn helps with detoxifying. I cannot comment too much on the cellulite reducing aspect since I haven’t been using it long enough, but I’d definitely recommend this duo for smooth, firm, healthy looking skin and is perfect for a luxurious body care treat.

L'occitane Artichoke Body Cream Review, photos

L'occitane Body Gua Sha Review, photos

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