Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bare Minerals Lipgloss in Cupcake

Cupcake, as delicious as it sounds, is a beautifully pink toned, 100% Natural lip gloss from Bare Minerals. I like the fact that these are free of preservatives, parabens and artificial dyes. I was not quite sure of the texture and pigmentation of the gloss, so I ended up getting 'Cupcake'.It's a rosy pink shade with the right amount of glitter and seemed like a very safe shade to play around with.Turns out, the gloss feels really nice on the lips, moisturizes pretty well and is totally non-sticky too!

Here's a swatch:

Pros :
  • 100% natural with no preservatives.
  • Great packaging that does not leak. 
  • No weird smell or taste. Smells faintly of vanilla.
  • Wearable shade selection and goes on pretty pigmented.
  • The brush applicator picks up the right amount of product and makes application really easy.
  • Non-sticky texture that feels very light on the lips.
  • Staying power is not that great. Maybe 2-3 hours. I don't mind this since the gloss is natural.
The full size tube retails for $15. However, they also have smaller sizes of certain shades for $7.50 which I think, is a great pick for people trying this out for the first time.

I totally love the texture of this gloss and more than that, the shade itself. It's a warm pink that would look great on all skin tones.
Have you tried Bare Minerals Lip glosses? Do you like them as much? Share your thoughts.I'd love to know!


  1. never tried bare minerals gloss. but I have heard lots about it. the color looks great & love the packaging too

  2. Try it if you get a chance to! It's a great buy plus,they're not all that sheer for a gloss :)

  3. This is such a pretty color! Never tried BM lip glosses, I've only used their foundation.
    Btw...why have you been MIA all this time appu?

  4. Bare minerals..never tried ..looks amazing ..where can i get it from Appu ??

  5. I don't think this brand is available in India as yet.. Lucky u get to enjoy such things :)

  6. thats a nice color...sadly nt in india...

  7. It's a lovely colour. I've been tempted to buy from this brand, but never had. Maybe it's time to do it, don't you think?

    I've read some others of your posts and I like your blog, so you have a new follower :)

    Would you mind following back? It'll make my day!!:)


  8. @Devie - How is the BM foundation?? yet to try any...MIA was because I wasn't feeling well last week.The weather change n all :(

  9. @Anamika -I am not sure where in India,if someone is comimg from the US, ask them to try ULTA or Sephora. Both the stores have a wide range of this line :)

  10. @Tanveer - Is Bare Minerals not available in delhi too? I will see if there is any place online to order and tell you :)

  11. @Bhumika - This is indeed a pretty color :) I am sure it will launch in India pretty soon :)

  12. @Butterfly - Yep, I am totally loving this color at the moment :)

  13. @Leslie - Have you gotten around trying more shades from Bare Minerals? This is one of their prettiest I think!

  14. @Andrea - Thanks :) Yes, you must try something from Bare Minerals.Even I haven't tried much from them :) Let me know if you find anything else interesting. Will defly chk out your blog!

  15. gorgeous color... never tried bare minerals but it seems i have to soon :)

  16. It's a great shade beautydiva :) Let me know what shade you pick up!

  17. Wonderful shade, sweety! I really love the colour and the pigmentation looks so good! I also like the name! lol
    Great blog,

  18. Thanks Catanya!You have a great blog too:) Do check out this color when you get a chance to :)