Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser

How much is too much for a cleanser? $30 seems like a splurge for a cleanser to me.The Sephora purity seal and the quality ingredients with a very high concentration of anti-oxidants probably attribute to the price tag of Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser.Does it work? Read on to see.

What does OleHenriksen Claim?

What it is:
A rich, creamy, revitalizing antioxidant facial cleanser.

What it is formulated to do:
Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser cleans skin of impurities without stripping essential moisture. The soothing formula is strong enough to remove makeup, but gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. 

What I think about this Cleanser?

The packaging is lovely and hygienic.Its a pump bottle with quite a bit of product in there.A couple of pumps is all you need for the entire face.The cleanser itself is a soft foam that seems quite gentle.

The citrus smell is amazing and quite soothing to the senses.If you have a lot of gunk on your face, you may need quite a bit of product to cleanse thoroughly.The foam does not lather up pretty well, but cleanses effectively. I wipe off my make-up with a wet wipe and follow with this cleanser sometimes. Since it's quite gentle, I don't think this would make a good one-step cleanser for makeup.

I have dry-combination skin, so I am constantly on the hunt for a cleanser that won't rip my skin off the moisture.I quite like this cleanser for it's cleansing properties, but you may still need a moisturizer, especially during winters.It's comparatively less drying than so many other foaming cleansers. I'd love to use this more in the summer and the fresh scent is perfect for summer.I am sure people with oily skin would love this as much.

That said, I won't say this is something I cannot live without. For the price tag, I am sure there are better cleansers out there. But, this one does contain a lot of natural ingredients.If you are someone who travels a lot, you could probably get the travel size version(around $15) since the packaging is pretty practical to travel along with. Even otherwise, it's better to try a sample before buying the full size bottle. I got this size as part of Sephora's weekly specials which was priced at around $10 for 1.5 ounces.

Available at all Sephora stores,online at and

Have you tried OleHenriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser? Do you love it or hate it? Is there anything else that you like from this line? I'd love to know!


  1. ohh 30$ is bad yaar but the way u r raving about it ..i may think of giving it a try :)

  2. sounds great dear...I have a normal skin but in winter my skin becomes dry.I'm happy with my VLCC cleanser but still i can try it.

  3. i have heard and read about ole henriksen products. especially their famed moisturiser(i think it was the moisturiser :D ). but we dont get these in India yet...but I dont think am yet that motivated enough to buy them online. but this cleanser seems nice :)

  4. @Anamika - I know, $30 is bad, but it's not sooo good either. There are very very good ones out there for $25 n all :)

  5. @Rakhshanda - if your skin dries out in winter, summer is the best time to try this dear :) and even I've heard a honey cleanser from VLCC is really good is that what you are using?

  6. @Anju - Olehenriksen is famous for their serum. I think it's called truth serum. People rave about it but, I have no idea how it works :( Cleanser is quite gentle but the price isin't ;) Let me know if you try it :)

  7. Gosh! How expensive? I really don't think you should spend that much money only for cleanser. My L'occitane Immortele cost around 20 bucks, and I already think it's a bit overpriced :p

  8. I know Fe...It's too much for a cleanser.Thankfully, Sephora had a travel size :) How does the L'occitane Immortele work for ya?

  9. Hmmm I'm pretty ambivalent toward these 'foam' washes, feels like a lot of product is getting wasted but is fun at the same time!

    $30 bucks for a face wash is definitely a splurge for me. The most expensive one I use is Origins Mega Mushroom ($25 for I think 3.2 ounces...the lotion is amazing too it's expensive at $60 for 1oz)

    I think I'll give this is pass :P

  10. Hey Devie,

    I agree,$30's a splurge.Having said that, I am not sure if I'd get this again.It's not all that great either. How is the Origins Mega Mushroom? I've heard the lotion is pretty good!

  11. It's amazing. The Mega Mushroom serum worked really well for me, but unfortunately my hormones won the battle. I might try it again now that my hormonal acne is under control. You should definitely try it. The bottle lasts really long, so it comes to about $20 face serum a month. Try it out, for sure. Origins has a great return/exchange policy if it doesn't work for you.

  12. Great to know it works...I have a couple of serums sitting inside for me to finish ;) Will give this a shot after I finish them :)I haven't tried much of skincare from Origins.

  13. $30 does seem quite a lot!
    To remove my makeup I really like MAC cleanse off oil, it's my favourite so far!

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  14. I know! $30 is too much...I've heard MAC cleanse off oil is great! Wish it came in a smaller size so that I could try :(