Friday, May 6, 2011

Pacifica Body Butter - Indian Coconut Nectar & Hawaiian Ruby Guava

I love the array of delicious scents Pacifica has to offer. They have the right mix of fruity, floral & exotic fragrances. All Pacifica Body Butters are 100% vegan, not animal tested and are formulated without Parabens, Sulphates & Petrochemicals. Read more on the range here

I love anything that smells like coconut which is why I picked up Indian Coconut Nectar. The scent is very authentic and smells of creamy coconut with a hint of vanilla. More like a coconut cookie. Very sweet and strong at the same time. If you do not like strong scents, then none of the body butters in the Pacifica Range are for you. I don't mind the strong scent except on days when I am having a bad headache. They don't linger on for more than a couple of hours on me.

They have one of the cutest packaging ever especially, Indian Coconut Nectar. These body butters in general are very moisturizing and buttery. They absorb pretty fast and don't leave a film. So, I can totally use this even during the summer.Hawaiian Ruby Guava on the other hand, is very fruity. In fact, some might feel it is a little overpowering because of the strong guava scent.

Indian Coconut Nectar smells very exotic and Hawaiian Ruby is more of a fruity, girly, sweet scent. These body butters even double up as a great hand cream! If you like juicy, fruity citrus based scents check out Tuscan Blood Orange from this range which has been my all time favourite! I love it more than any other scent. Probably even on days when I'm having a bad headache! It is THAT good!

Price : $5 for 3oz, $18 for 8oz
Availability : Available at all Sephora stores and online at

Have you tried Pacifica Body Butters? Do you love them? I'd love to know!


  1. Tuscan Blood Orange is my favorite! Well, so far I have tried only this one from Pacifica. But I still love it very much. I am using my small tube sparingly as they are running out.

    Hawaiian Ruby Guava sounds like my cup of tea...till the next time I step into Sephora...

  2. So glad you like Tuscan Blood Orange too :) I remember you telling me you picked it up last time :) Let me know how you like Hawaiian Ruby Guava :)

  3. Strong scents are fine if they don't linger on that long on the body. These sound absolutely divine. You got me at 'coconut cookie'. Haha! And I agree about the packaging - so sweet and cheerful. :)

  4. @Witoxicity - haha coconut cookie is what it exactly smells like! :D Do try it sometime if you get a chance to :D

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