Thursday, July 19, 2012

L'occitane Eau Captivante Eaux de Cologne

Aromatic Proven├žal herbs meet zesty lime and bergamot in the enchanting Eau Captivante. Men and women will be captivated by this irresistible blend of sparkling green and woody aromas, which also contains the essential oils of Mediterranean mint and basil. Our generously sized bottle, modeled after the archicture of Proven├žal fountains, will provide long-lasting aromatic escape!  

L'occitane's newest fragrances launches feature three new scents Eau Ravissante (Floral), Eau Universelle(Citrus) and Eau Captivante (Woody). Eau Captivante ($47), is supposed to be unisex  but, the woody notes makes it seem just a tad more like a man's cologne. On the plus side, Eau Captivante also has strong notes of citrus and basil to balance, which makes it a fresh scent to be worn by a woman. The bottle design is gorgeous but, very heavy at the same time making it not so easy to travel with. There is a smaller spray bottle that seems more travel-friendly though. I'm not a fan of anything too musky and thankfully, this isn't one of them. At the same time, it is not very girly and doesn't have a lot of floral or fruity notes to it either. I like such energizing scents during the summer. As far as the staying power goes, it lasted about 3 hours on me on a hot summer day.

Overall, although termed as unisex, this is perfect to be a man's scent and a little less of a woman's scent, in my opinion. The fragrance itself is undoubtedly amazing, zesty and just like other scents from L'occitane, it does not smell artificial or fake at all. That being said, if you like strong woody scents with hints of citrusy notes, Eau Captivante is something you will absolutely enjoy!

What are your thoughts on theL'occitane Eau Captivante Eaux de Cologne?

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  1. Bought it on a recent trip to France. Love it!Does the scent come in other forms like creams?

    1. Yeah, it does! They have a solid perfume and a body lotion.