Saturday, November 10, 2012

L'Oreal Infallible Lacquer Liner 24H - Blackest Black and Navy

L'Oreal's Infallible Lacquer Liner ($9.95) was one the new launches from the brand back in summer. The liner comes in five shades with a glossy, lacquer-like finish. The colors seem to be very rich and pigmented with a slight sheen to them once dry.

L-R : Blackest Black, Navy

L-R : Navy, Blackest Black

Blackest Black  is a rich, dark glossy black and Navy is a blackened, dark blue. The glass jar packaging looks more expensive than it is and isn't overly heavy when compared to other gel liners. 'Blackest Black' is a really deep, jet black that I love on the lash line and waterline. 'Navy' looks almost identical to black in the jar but goes on a little more blue. On the eyes though, the difference is very subtle. The texture is super creamy, smooth and the formula is long-lasting. It is waterproof too and needs a good oil based remover to remove completely. There's also a pretty nice brush that comes with the liner. It isn't extremely precise for a thin line, but great for a thicker line that looks perfectly streak-free!

Top to Bottom : Blackest Black, Navy

Overall, I love the Lacquer Liner for the formula, the amazing color payoff and intensity. It starts smudging around the outer corners after about 7 hours - not quite 24 hours like L'Oreal claims. The formula seems a little wet initially, but does not budge once dry. I can't speak for the other colors in the line but, Blackest Black and Navy are both gorgeous and great basic colors to own!

Have you tried the L'Oreal Infallible Lacquer Liner?

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  1. That blows about the smudging. :( I was curious when I heard about these months ago (I'm a real sucker for gel liners, even though I have a gazillion pots to use up), but I think I can hold off on trying them. I always like liners that are smudge-proof, since I have oily lids.

    1. It smudges after 7 hours so that's okay, maybe you can give it a try. The black is super intense too :D

  2. I have a maybelline gel liner at the moment and do like it, but it's the only gel liner I've tried so am open to trying a different one when it runs out. Would be interested to try a glossier one so may give these a go! xx

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    1. These are great quality for the price! I love the Maybelline ones too :)

  3. interesting.. i'd like to try this :)