Friday, November 9, 2012

Tocca Eau de Parfum Viaggio - Limited Edition for Holiday 2012

The Eau de Parfum Viaggio ($45) is a limited edition set featuring three of Tocca's most beautiful scents in miniature sizes. Tocca releases these sets every once in a while and the scents this time around include, Graciella, Violette and Giulietta, each of them being so exquisite and unique, packaged in the most beautiful, collectible bottles!

Graciella - Graciella pays homage to the unparalleled beauty and sophistication of Grace Kelly. This beautifully lush and creamy scent is as unforgettable as its muse.
Violette - Springtime in Paris. Vibrant blooms along the Champs-Elysees awaken the youthful spirit of first 
love. Violette evokes the whirlwind romance between a young soldier on leave and a young girl at the 
fragrance counter of Le Bon Marche in 1940s Paris.
Giulietta - The love story of Italian director Federico Fellini and Giulietta Masina comes alive in this sweet floral scent reminiscent of their Corsican honeymoon.

The EDPs come packaged in 0.50oz bottles with screw top lids. They aren't spray bottles, so they may not be super convenient to travel with. The packaging is absolutely stunning and very classy! Since they are all EDPs, they last a really long time on me with Giulietta being the longest lasting of them all.

Graciella is a strong floral with base notes of Musk and Iris. What starts off as a strong, sweet scent dries down to a lush floral with hints of musk. It is a great fall/winter scent that is comforting and perfect for cooler days. You would love Graciella if fresh florals are your thing.

Violette is described by Tocca as a romantic scent. But to me, it is one of those clean, light fragrances. It is probably the lightest of the three and dries down to a soft, clean scent with hints of citrus. It is perfect if you don't like extremely strong scents, since it tends to get lighter as the day goes by. Violette also has notes of spicy ginger and coriander which make it a great, refreshing summer scent.

Giulietta has got to be the most romantic, feminine and luxurious of the three. It lasts all day on me! It has creamy notes of Vanilla Orchid & Bulgarian Rose mixed in with Sandalwood and Amber. It seems a tad soft initially, but settles down to the most amazing, complex scent that is extremely feminine, rich and totally heavenly! It may not be a very youthful scent, but I absolutely love the right mix of floral and sweet notes in Giulietta, something I would love to wear all through the year.

Overall, the Tocca Eau de Parfum Viaggio is an amazing gift with a variety of rich, long lasting scents. The product itself is a great value too. I wish they were in spray bottles, just so I can tote them around easily. Other than that, it is a fantastic little set by Tocca, perfect for anyone who loves exquisite scents like these!

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What are your thoughts on the Tocca Eau de Parfum Viaggio?

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  1. I always love seeing Tocca bottles - they are so beautiful. I wish these were mini sprays, because I would probably use those more.

    1. Yeah, sprays are so much more convenient! The bottles are gorgeous, I couldn't stop starring :D