Wednesday, November 13, 2013

BUXOM Dolly's Opening Act - Holiday 2013

Dolly's Opening Act ($29; is a new, value set from BUXOM featuring six mini sizes of Lip Creams and Full-On Lip Polishes. All these lip glosses have a slight minty tingle (nothing uncomfortable), and help subtly plump, moisturize and deliver a good dose of shine. *Press Sample

Most shades are quite sheer on my pigmented lips - Berry Blast is the most pigmented of them all, followed by Michelle, which is a gorgeous, shimmery berry. BUXOM's Lip Glosses are quite the value for money - they aren't overly sticky, have loads of shine and moisturize well. Dolly, Emma, Dani & Michelle are the full-on Lip Polish formula.They are very shimmery, the shimmer isn't gritty and the colors, while sheer, still look great alone or layered over any lipstick. White Russian and Berry Blast are Lip Cremes. The Lip Creams have no shimmer, but the same amount of shine in a smooth base. Emma is the most unique of them all - it looks like a shimmery, icy cream color in the tube, but goes on light pink - its a super pretty color for when you want a sheer wash and some serious shine. Overall, this set is fabulous! If you like the BUXOM's lip gloss formula in general, this is something you'll absolutely love.

What are your thoughts on Dolly's Opening Act Lip Gloss Set by BUXOM?