Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hakuhodo K007 Eyeliner Brush

Hakuhodo's K007 Eyeliner Brush ($15) is an extremely fine tipped, precise eyeliner brush for use with gel liners. It works with liquid liners too and picks up wet shadows really well.

K007 is the most finest of liner brushes I own. The bristles are really short, closely packed and haven't splayed at all even after washing quite a bit, which I think is the most important thing for thin eyeliner brushes of this sort. K007 also makes eyeliner application a breeze - the tip draws a super fine line, very close to your eyelashes and the brush is soft enough not to feel scratchy on the eyelid and firm enough to pick up and transfer color. Its also effortless to use when you want a kitten flick or to slightly wing out your liner. If you are a beginner, this brush will make the process quite easy for you! A few similar brushes I have are the Tarte's Dual Ended brush that comes with their gel liner and the Sonia Kashuk Bent Eyeliner Brush. I'm not sure if they sell Tarte's version separately, but it is a really nice brush. Quite precise too and easy to work with. I used to like SK's version, but after washing it for years, the bristles have splayed quite a bit and the line isn't that precise anymore. Plus, for some reason, I'm not finding the bent part of the eyeliner brush all that helpful now. Overall, K007 is my favorite, precise eyeliner brush and if you are on the lookout for one, do give this one by Hakuhodo a try. It also works for concealing minor blemishes and teeny tiny dark spots on the face.

Hakuhodo Brushes can be bought online at hakuhodousa.com

What are your thoughts on the Hakuhodo K007 Eyeliner Brush?


  1. I don't use eyeliner often but love the idea of pinpoint concealing, plus if it holds up so well...ok added to the list!!

    1. The few Hakuhodo brushes I have have held up pretty well. You should put this on your list...I'm sure you'll love it :) Only problem is the teeny tiny brush head, but I don't wash it everyday or anything so guess its alright :D