Sunday, October 5, 2014

Katy Perry Royal Revolution

Katy Perry's newest fragrance, Royal Revolution ($49, 1.7 oz. ;, is a light, fruity floral with notes of pink freesia, ruby-red pomegranate, sandalwood, orange flower, jasmine, vanilla and musk. Royal Revolution was released late in the summer and is a really nice fragrance for spring through summer.

The only other Katy Perry fragrance I've tried earlier is the Killer Queen, which is more of a fall scent, slightly more heavier and much different than Royal Revolution. Royal Revolution is more youthful, very light and quite sweet. The opening is very fruity floral, pomegranate and freesia being the most I can detect, while the dry down is quite sweet with the vanilla, jasmine and sandalwood being the prominent notes. While I do love the scent itself, I wish it lasted a bit longer on me. Royal Revolution was gone after about 4-5 hours, even when I wore it on a not so hot and humid day. The packaging is beautiful, although slightly difficult to store standing up. If you like light, fruity florals that lean a little more towards the sweeter side and don't mind the short lasting power, give Royal Revolution a try!

What are your thoughts on Katy Perry's Royal Revolution?

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