Sunday, October 5, 2014

sur.face pro by beautyblender

"A super modern workspace just like the pros use to download, mix, and match makeup. "

Sur.Face pro by beautyblender ($40;, is an easy to use, easy to clean mixing medium that helps mix, store and customize makeup, be it mixing two foundations to match your skintone, creating custom shades of lip color or storing excess cream products. The beautyblender sur.face pro comes with a spatula that helps scoop product and mix them, and the small storage spaces on the container help store products conveniently after use. The sur.face pro is made of good quality plastic and comes with a secure, tight lid that doesn't dry products out and is very easy to travel with as well. The thumb hole that serves as a holder can also be used as a resting/drying place for your beautyblender. Overall, a bit pricey, but the sur.face pro is great for makeup artists more than anyone else, but if you do travel a lot, it can be of great use as well. I found the lid to store cream products without drying them out and if you are someone who mixes one or more foundations/concealers on the back of your hand and the excess is always wasted, this is nice to have.  It is also very easy to store and clean with just soap and water.

Have you tried the beautyblender sur.face pro yet?

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