Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kérastase Carré Lissant | Limited Edition Anti-Frizz Hair Touch Up Sheets

Carré Lissant by Kerastase ($28; Available at Kérastase Consultant Salons), is a new, Limited-Edition, purse friendly hair product that helps combat frizz, add shine and eliminate static flyways. Its a really nice concept, very quick and easy to use that comes as a pack of 50 hair touch up sheets packaged beautifully to fit into a small handbag.

Kerastase carre lissant limited editon review, photos

The sheets, quite like dryer sheets, but thinner, are to be smoothed onto dry hair anytime there’s a lot of frizz and static going on. I have medium-fine hair that can get frizzy super easily even with a good amount of product and styling, so these are a great way to touch up without much effort or need for heat styling. The sheet sort of finely coats the hair surface lending it a satin matte sheen and takes care of most of the frizziness. There’s a very light, lavender oil scent that isn’t bothersome and most importantly doesn’t linger on. Unlike many styling gels/serums and creams, this one leaves no greasy residue or film that needs to be washed off, but it does a great job of keeping hair tamed and well behaved with a bit of added shine and bounce. If you find manageability to be an issue and if styling products wear off mid day, try Carré Lissant, its easy to use and can be tossed into your bag and needs absolutely no washing or styling. I can’t speak for extremely thicker hair types, as mine isn’t, but if you have medium/fine hair, one sheet definitely takes care of flyways on dry hair. I wouldn’t recommend more than a sheet though, since it can weight hair down a bit and make it look sort of limp, but if used the right way and kept away from the roots, it absolutely does what it says.

Kerastase carre lissant limited editon review, photos
Kerastase carre lissant limited editon
Kerastase carre lissant limited editon anti frizz hair touch up sheets
Kerastase carre lissant Ingredients
Kerastase carre lissant review, photos

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  1. This looks like a really interesting product, and not something I've really seen before! I love Kerastase products though, they always seem to perform really well xx

    One Little Vice - UK Beauty Blog

    1. I found it really interesting too and so easy!