Monday, November 17, 2014

Vincent Longo Meta Gloss Lip Gloss in Rialto

Vincent Longo’s Metagloss Lip Gloss ($24; is a new line of high shimmer and shine gloss that the brand recently launched. Metagloss comes in three shades and I have a gorgeous, sparkling nude copper, Rialto, swatched here.

Vincent Longo Metagloss Lip Gloss in Rialto Review, Photos & Swatches

Rialto is quite shimmery, a tad metallic too and borders on being semi-opaque. The color is very rich, beautiful on its own and great to layer on top of creme lipsticks. The shimmer doesn’t feel chunky and there’s enough color in the gloss to make it look not just like a layer of glitter on the lips. Rialto is a nude copper with hints of pink and a slight duo chrome quality that is a wash of a nude and shimmer on my lips. The gloss feels smooth, goes on evenly and doesn’t feel sticky or heavy for something with a slightly thicker consistency. Like all glosses though, this one too starts to wear off in about 2-3 hours, leaving behind some shimmer, which definitely needs to be touched up. It does’t dry lips out or provide any extra dose of moisture and is a really nice one to try if shimmery glosses are something you like. I also like that it doesn’t have any sort of scent/flavor which is a huge plus. 

Vincent Longo Metagloss Lip Gloss in Rialto Review, Photos & Swatches
Vincent Longo Metagloss Lip Gloss in Rialto Swatch

Have you tried any of the Vincent Longo Metagloss Lip Glosses?

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  1. Oh wow, that shade is sooo unique! Looks like a liquid metal finish to me! I love how it looks on you, natural and a great shiney finish!

    1. I love the finish too! I have nothing very similar to this shade in my collection!!