Monday, December 15, 2014

MUGLER Les Exceptions

Mugler Les Exceptions is an exclusive luxury fragrance collection that captures Theirry Mugler’s visionary, sensual and gourmand approach to traditional fragrances. Mugler Les Exceptions features five fragrances Chyprissime, Supra Floral, Fougere Furieuse, Over The Musk, and Oriental Express.

MUGLER Les Exceptions Review, Photos

The 5 piece coffret featured here is an exclusive gift with purchase with any Les Exceptions Bottle priced at $225 at To quickly sum up the scents, I’d have to say my favorites were Supra Floral and Chyprissime. Although unisex scents (all of them are), I found Supra Floral to be a bit more feminine, crisp and a light, green floral, perfect for Spring. Chyprissime is more of an earthy, slightly clean scent with the pear adding a bit of a twist to something that would have otherwise been a bit bland. Over the musk is just straight up musky, very masculine, but very strong and probably the most potent of them all. Oriental Express is very nice as a perfume,  but something about it just doesn’t work with my body chemistry. Overall though, they are quite pricey, the bottles are beautiful, but I wish the lasting power was a bit more and the fragrances themselves could have been a bit more unique for something this exclusive and expensive. The dry down on all of them seemed to be a mix of a woody amber base making it a bit difficult to differentiate.

MUGLER Les Exceptions
MUGLER Les Exceptions Ingredients

*Sample provided by Thierry Mugler

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