Wednesday, October 21, 2020

AHAVA Superfood Shower Gel And Renewal Body Peeling

AHAVA Superfood Shower Gel And Renewal Body Peeling

The Superfood line by AHAVA is a new range formulated vegan and paraben-free with a superfood antioxidant Kale and Turmeric Duo. I tried the Shower Gel ($23; and Renewal Body Peeling ($27; from the line and here are my thoughts. The Shower Gel is a super gentle, non-stripping, moisturizing shower gel that helps with cleansing, moisturizing and smoothening skin. The scent is amazing, yet not too strong and doesn’t linger around too much. While the shower gel feels emollient and nice, it does take a while to completely wash off, but on the plus side, it isn’t drying at all. The RenewalBody Peeling is a gentle body scrub in a gel base. It isn’t foaming, but does a great job exfoliating without drying skin out. The granules that help with the exfoliation are biodegradable and don’t feel scratchy or too harsh on the skin. I like to use this once or twice a week depending on how dry my skin feels. Overall, the superfood line is a nice bath time treat formulated with great ingredients and the shower gel especially is one to try!

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